Monday, July 24, 2017

Daily gratitude 7/24/17

Today I am so grateful for:

* the chance to twelve step someone yesterday. What a rush.

* the taste of bulletproof coffee in the morning

* continuing to slowly lose weight

* my beautiful, comfortable, safe home

* sprinkler system

* three fewer mice terrorizing my house

* friends, in and out of recovery

* slightly shorter days as the year turns towards winter

* my husband being at least mildly willing to work on our problems

* the internet, which helps me learn about stuff that puzzles me, all while in my pjs

* new and old friends

* God always giving me what I need, every day, to keep my recovery/abstinence intact and on the right path

* remembering to be grateful every day, especially at the beginning of my day, to set the tone for my day of positive thoughts and hope

* P.'s sobriety journey

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