Monday, July 31, 2017

Daily gratitude 7/31/17

Some times, I am grateful for the same stuff over and over. It's not because I have no imagination or ability to see something different.

It's because these things are truly precious to me.

Today, I am grateful for:

* being alive after my serious illness four years ago

* surviving the dysfunctional relationships I have been in with grace and sobriety

* sobriety from alcohol, codependency, and food

* God's grace and mercy to me, as well as His unconditional love for me

* dogs, dogs, dogs

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Daily gratitude 7/30/17

Today I am grateful for:

* living alone for a time...the peace and privacy is exhilarating

* Ditzy

* the ability and commitment to self care

* good jobs and recovering credit rating

* feeling good physically and mentally as I stick to BPD

* the daily rains - keeps things a tad cooler and greener

* the possibility of new wheels to survive the winters here

* the clean garage

* Mr. Liam's first birthday party today

* my father

Friday, July 28, 2017

Daily gratitude 7/28/17

Much better attitude today!

I am grateful for:

* my sponsee, J. - in encouraging her, I remember things I learned and did in early sobriety

* P. - for the same reason.

* my spiritual toolkit that I built in early sobriety and continue to add to today

* the ability to cope, sober, with anything that comes my way

* the radical self care I practice every day

* T.'s willingness to help my dad with projects

* my own willingness

* remaining teachable

* three meetings a day at the local AA hall

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Daily gratitude 7/27/17

Struggling to be grateful today.

The irritants are many.

Today, I am grateful for:

* being alive

* to have a partner willing to work on our problems

* good health (yesterday's BP was 100/60)

* Friday is only a day away

* sobriety, always sobriety...yesterday's noon meeting was a powerhouse on 'I am the problem'

* the possibility of sweet Ditzy in our lives

* getting along with my daughter - it's joy to be able to talk to her without pissing each other off

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Daily gratitude 7/26/17

Grateful today for:

* joint counseling

* yesterday's rain - we need it!

* waking up long before my alarm - means I got enough sleep

* an amazing new low carb cookbook

* the possibility of Ditzy

* C. and M. and the developing friendship with them and between them

* P. and her sobriety journey

* being grateful instead of angry and resentful

Monday, July 24, 2017

Daily gratitude 7/24/17

Today I am so grateful for:

* the chance to twelve step someone yesterday. What a rush.

* the taste of bulletproof coffee in the morning

* continuing to slowly lose weight

* my beautiful, comfortable, safe home

* sprinkler system

* three fewer mice terrorizing my house

* friends, in and out of recovery

* slightly shorter days as the year turns towards winter

* my husband being at least mildly willing to work on our problems

* the internet, which helps me learn about stuff that puzzles me, all while in my pjs

* new and old friends

* God always giving me what I need, every day, to keep my recovery/abstinence intact and on the right path

* remembering to be grateful every day, especially at the beginning of my day, to set the tone for my day of positive thoughts and hope

* P.'s sobriety journey

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Daily gratitude - 7/19/17

Today I am so grateful for:

* the counseling appointment yesterday - and for getting to 'speak' my piece

* waking up before my alarm - I am finally getting enough sleep after years of not

* day one of the audit is over

* a new, sassy hair cut

* living alone again is so amazing - I'm happy

* little to no fatigue

* two sweet dogs to come home to

* lunch with A. today

* my bestie, P. - there for me through thick and thin

* flowers and herbs in my Aerogardens coming up - always feels/looks like hope

* S. coming by last night, unannounced, to talk about 'stuff' that needed to be talked about

* MB, for being a steady and nonjudgmental friend

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Daily gratitude 7/9/17

Today I am grateful for:

* the developing migraine this morning - it proves I am alive and able to continue to seek solutions to improve my health

* cartoons on Amazon Prime to indulge my Inner Kids

* my second job that I tend to resent - it makes it possible for me to have a nicer car and home

* a well-stocked kitchen to support my low carb lifestyle choice

* willingness to change my patterns and habits to develop more positive, life-giving ones

* the desire and willingness to seek solutions to my lack of energy and motivation and sleep problems/fatigue

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Daily gratitude 7/2/17

Grateful today for:

* a four day weekend!

* sprinkler system cooling the yard and watering the grass this morning

* sleepy, snuggly puppies on my lap

* almost five months of abstinence

* getting to see my sisters this holiday weekend

* quiet and peace in my home

* the ability to make decisions that are good for ME

* a design for living (AA) that helps me not be stuck in negativity and depression