Thursday, May 12, 2016

Daily gratitude 5-12-16

It used to really bug me when people sang praise to their God all the time, good times or bad.

I just did not get it.

Nowadays, I'm starting to understand why. When God is present in my life, no matter what happens, I feel the need to praise him unceasingly, especially when blessings are present in my life.

Spiritual maturity? New pair of glasses? Doesn't matter - just grateful for the awareness.

Today, I am especially grateful for:

* T. He is so everything I have ever hoped for. Breathless with wonder at the reality of him.

* God. You know. That Guy. The Original Guy. The First Guy. Love Him lots!

* Dad. His steadiness of faith and life and perception is an inspiration, rather than an irritant, these days.

* Spring is finally here!

* Rain - whenever, however.

* Generous people who have given T. and I the raw materials to do many of the projects we have planned for our home.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Daily gratitude 5-4-16

Today I am grateful for:

* my imagination, churning out new ideas for books and poetry

* T. - the freedom and grace he gives me to be myself, fully, for the first time in my life

* my adorable rescued Poms, Maggie and Princess

* having work to do - even if two jobs

* a crystal clear tank of gold fish

* the sounds of school buses passing my home - hope for the future

* education

* the ability to read and amuse, edify, and enlighten myself

* AA meetings and the fellowship of folks there