Monday, September 15, 2014

Daily gratitude 9-15-14

Today I am grateful for:

* the ability to see 'red flags' in various relationship and...

* the strength and wisdom to walk away when I see those 'red flags'

* having a great job

* new hair color!

* books, books, books

1 comment:

  1. i also am grateful for good books (and blogs). thanks for telling me about mary karr. i will be getting "lit" in a week or so (it's on hold at the library). can't wait to read it! looks like she also is a poet? so i put her last book of poems on hold. anyway, you were the first person to tell me about her, so i appreciate it big time.

    i'm a total recluse, so i don't have to worry much about red flags in a relationship. i guess the most important thing is always being honest? and mutual respect? that would be my guess.