Saturday, August 2, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-2-14

Hmmm. Behind on my gratitude list. I think I've been 'in the food' i.e. addiction a bit (though not full out binging/trigger foods/sugar), so that makes me forget the recovery tools I need to use daily!

Today I am grateful for:

* P.W. - for getting the protein shakes I am addicted to out of my house

* the 'wherewithal' to continue looking at my life and where I can improve it/work on it, especially my recovery

* the headache I am going to have withdrawing from the protein shakes. A good reminder that sugar is not my friend

* peace from the ex

* my daughter is coming home for a week in two weeks - woot!

* bifocal contacts - though the adjustment period is a little gruesome

* sleeping in on the weekends

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