Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-26-14

Gosh, I've been busy - which is probably why I haven't been writing on here.

Back to work!

Today I am grateful for:

* my job

* my boss

* my abstinence - 47 days!

* RW and CH - for new days and hopeful dreams

* my amazingly wonderful daughter, who is home visiting for a week

* the ex leaving me alone

* all the people and programs that fill my life to bursting with recovery

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-21-14

Grateful for:

* the scale slowly moving down

* good friends helping me with decisions about so many things

* AA meetings and my recovery family

* all of my sponsees!!

* R.W. - and possibilities

* feeling good about myself again, attractive, sexy, etc. after so many years of self-loathing

Monday, August 18, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-18-14

Today I am grateful:

* bread cheese waffles

* my hyper-obnoxious, barking dog

* my friend, M.B., that we have finally reconnected

* the possibility of romance/companionship

* new sponsees

* 37 days of abstinence

* food affirmations - they are working!

* books

* the commitment to and courage to create a poetry chapbook

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-16-14

Grateful today for:

* the writing class I went to - networking and knowledge!

* the migraine headaches I have had the last few days - forced me to take a look at my food and supplementation again - and I think I see the problem

* connecting with classmate C.S. at the writing class

* the library for hosting the writing class

* friends like L.M. - hoping to have the courage to ask her to sponsor me in AA

* the sound of crickets in my backyard

Friday, August 15, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-15-14

Thankful today for:

* the writing class I am attending tomorrow and the courage to go to it

* my abstinence getting 'cleaner' every day

* crazy people who are like signposts, showing me where to go/not to go in my recovery

* the courage to drop #6 from my food plan and believe I will be just fine

* the two hour conversation I had by phone with my lovely daughter last night - she is a joy

* the ex not coming to the ACA meeting last night

* the lady I 12 stepped into OA yesterday - I love the chance to share what I do, to really look at what I do to stay abstinent and what really WORKS

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-14-14

Some people have some great things to say:

I am grateful for my daughter today.

Even though she and I rarely agree on anything, I am so happy she is alive and arguing with me

Blessed be.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-12-14

Humbly grateful today that:

* I am not suicidal, as I was for the first forty years of my life

* I am single

* my bills are paid for the month

* I can help others with recovery

* I can help others with essential oils

* I have a nice, quiet home to live in

* I sleep through the night without nightmares

* I have a great job with professional, well-adjusted people

Monday, August 11, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-11-14

Grateful today for:

* a beautiful home to live in

* a car that runs with no problems

* debt free except for mortgage/car

* breathing

* peanut butter

* the ability to wear pants (instead of a dress) all the time, if I wish

* Day 30 of abstinence

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-9-14

Grateful for:

* peanut butter

* the energy to clean the fish tank until it was sparkling

* bacon and avocados and coffee and chocolate

* the opportunity to be of service in my recovery

* J.'s 5th step tonight

* phone meetings

* the courage to make the decisions to cut off the cable tv and close 'old' checking/savings account

* cleaning all the grains, mixes, and 'stuff' out of my cupboards last night

* finally, finally being me after so many decades of being what everyone else wanted me to be

Friday, August 8, 2014

Daily gratitude 8/8/14

Grateful today for:

* Friday

* Clearing the air with the ex about a few things - hopefully for the last time

* The gift of my beautiful, intelligent, resilient daughter

* Affirmations

* The scale slowly going down

* Libraries - physical and electronic

* Did I mention Friday? *smile*

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-7-14

Today I am grateful for:

* M.B., for her friendship and her work on our joint garden

* handpicked flowers in an empty tea can

* a bag bursting with garden produce

* books written by Catherine Ryan Hyde

* Kindles

* a job that I love and enjoy

* my daughter's upcoming visit

* a sparkling clean fish tank

* rain

* C.H. - and possibilities

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-6-14

Grateful today for:

* talking to the Kid on FB

* sponsees in all programs

* L.M. for calling me yesterday - she's such a titan of recovery and she asked for MY help?

* Kindles and books on Kindle

* rain

* dog groomers

* Miss Maggie being part of my life

* coffee

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-5-14

Today I am grateful for:

* the tart taste of wild blueberries in my morning yogurt

* no cravings for sugar

* freedom from my eating disorder today

* willingness to weigh and measure my food - to see it as freedom and not bondage

* August rains

* understanding my bad dreams as recovery sign posts rather than past torment

* my Inner Children, my Higher Power, and prayer/meditation - a joyful Trinity

Monday, August 4, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-4-14

Today I am grateful for:

* cloudy skies and the possibility of rain

* my very cool, laid-back, intelligent boss - coming to work is a joy

* fried cheese

* the courage and strength to do the things that need to be done in my life

* Sisters #2, #5, and #6 - you three are always there for me

* bifocal contacts

* the little visit from C.B. last week  - very uplifting!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Daily gratitude 8-2-14

Hmmm. Behind on my gratitude list. I think I've been 'in the food' i.e. addiction a bit (though not full out binging/trigger foods/sugar), so that makes me forget the recovery tools I need to use daily!

Today I am grateful for:

* P.W. - for getting the protein shakes I am addicted to out of my house

* the 'wherewithal' to continue looking at my life and where I can improve it/work on it, especially my recovery

* the headache I am going to have withdrawing from the protein shakes. A good reminder that sugar is not my friend

* peace from the ex

* my daughter is coming home for a week in two weeks - woot!

* bifocal contacts - though the adjustment period is a little gruesome

* sleeping in on the weekends