Monday, July 7, 2014

Daily gratitude 7-7-14

I had a miserable weekend, inside my own head.

I had lots of invites to do stuff, but I turned most of them down.

For some reason, I thought it was a better idea to hide out at home.

It's a new week, so here we go.

I am grateful for:

* a nice home to live in

* a very cool, intelligent, laid-back boss

* my youngest sister that I got to see over the weekend - miss her so much!

* my daughter, who took the time to stay in touch with me this weekend, knowing I would be having a hard time with the anniversary

* ACA friends who keep checking in with me to see how *I* am doing

* my goofy soon-to-be bro-in-law, E.L.

* life lessons learned from watching the crap my sisters are going through

* chocolate

* coffee

* chocolate and coffee together

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