Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Daily gratitude 7-2-14

In twelve step recovery groups, I've always been told that if I live in gratitude, it is difficult to be resentful and acting out in addictions.

At times, I've attempted to make gratitude lists and they helped. Immensely.

This blog is my latest effort at living in gratitude.

Today I am grateful for:

1. Sister #6 (I have five of them and we refer to ourselves by birth order i.e. I'm #1) because she seems to still like me and wants to see me this week while she in in town!

2. My job, in a time when so many have no jobs or dislike or feel trapped by the one they have.

3. Black pepper and sea salt rice crackers.

4. Miss Maggie, the resident rescue Pomeranian, for her cute, sweet fluffiness.

5. Wireless routers.

6. Starbucks coffee, esp. for venti iced decaf soy mocha.

7. E. and A., for mowing and weed-eating my yard yesterday.

8. To be alive and healthly, after the devastating illness I endured last year.

9. Oh hey, let's be grateful for Dawn and Sam, the awesome Starbucks's baristas who greet me with sunny faces and dispositions every morning I show up there!

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