Saturday, April 21, 2018

Daily gratitude 4/21/18

Grateful for:

* being able to wear size 16 clothing ( I was a 26 when I started LC on 2/18/17)

* drawing boundaries with everyone in my life

* my job - making so many things possible, including my sanity

* J., my AA sponsor - God, help me to trust her with the truth in all things

* more womens' meetings to attend

* spring

* cordless tools to take care of my yard and home

* a washer and dryer in my house

* bulletproof coffee

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Daily gratitude 3/10/18

I am so fortunate and blessed in all areas of my life.

Random stuff on my mind that I am grateful for:

* to be healing at last from the previous year

* for washers and dryers

* kitchen gadgetry

* an excellent counselor

* recovery, recovery, recovery

* music, especially SiriusXM, helping me recapture the joy and innocence of younger years (but NOT the dysfunction - lol)

* my own excellent cooking skills

* over a year food-abstinent now

* my four lovely rescue Poms and the two chattery baby birds

* ML and her patience with me as I go 'through it'

* the new air fryer - makes amazing dishes easily!

* sporadic motivation to work on my house and projects

* good, long sleep periods each night

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Daily gratitude 1/11/18

Today I am grateful for:

* excellent blood test results!

* vanilla candles

* my baby parakeets - they make me smile and laugh with their antics

* financial peace

* the hope of spring

* approaching the age of 55 - wooooot!

* continued steady weight loss

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Daily gratitude 1/4/18

Grateful today for:

* counseling this afternoon

* six days of squeaky clean abstinence

* feeling peaceful and happy

* introvert batteries are finally recharged

* Christmas is over

* recovery programs/solutions

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Daily gratitude 1/3/18

Today I am humbly grateful for:

* the 14th anniversary of my first AA meeting in 2004!

* the ability to go to the noon meeting today and listen to other alcoholics

* getting lots done at work

* dinner with the gang last night

* feeling like an adult and like I sort of have my shit together again

* new, snazzy, sassy haircut!

* breaking my weight loss stall after 6 weeks with a two pound loss

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Daily gratitude 1/2/18

Studying my Buddhist books.

One of them talks about having compassion for others in the world and wishing others only the positive, especially the positive things I have.

So I shall. I wish everyone in my life all things positive. All. No conditions.

I am grateful today for:

* the willingness and tools to deal with my addictions

* the honesty to finally tell my family that *I* am and always was the problem in my own life

* that I remain teachable after all these years of sobriety

* learning to open my heart to be compassionate to others

* squeaky clean abstinence the last five days

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Daily gratitude 12/31/17

Grateful for:

* the last day of 2017

* M.E.L.

* my daughter, her new husband, and her graduation from college

* continued commitment to abstinence

* snow and cold weather

* Christmas with my family of origin

* 14 years of sobriety

* the words my father said at my sobriety birthday meeting about being grateful to have his daughter 'back'